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Microsoft releases Windows Phone 7.1.1 SDK, Codenamed Tango

Following Microsoft's official Tango unveiling in Beijing and Google's move on their Android developing package, Microsoft has now revealed a finalised Tango build of the Windows Phone SDK, version 7.1.1. Amongst the new features, developers can find hardware support for low-end handsets, an option that was preached months ago.

Devices tagged by Microsoft as being "low-end" are those having less than 256MB of RAM but have since been granted limited support using the latest WP SDK, with developers now having an easier time creating optimised applications and games.

As the official website states, version 7.1.1 is just an update of the existing WP SDK and developers won't have to reinstall the whole package. Instead, the existing tool is now compatible with machines running on Windows 8 and comes with the following:

- Visual Studio IDE can now select content from a list of emulators,

- Windows Phone emulator, compatible with devices that have 512 MB of RAM, has been updated to use build 8773,

- A new emulating image to support devices with only 256MB of RAM,

- Automatic updates for the Microsoft Advertising SDK,

- Opt In / Opt Out option for developers that want their application not to run on low-tier smartphones,

- Support for up to ten languages in the IDE and the OS emulator region, with Malay and Indonesian being newly added.

The installation procedure is pretty straightforward and those wishing to enjoy the latest version can also update, without having to reinstall the whole package. The download link and other tips, including how to run it on Windows 8, are available in the link below.

Source: WindowsSteamBlog