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Online Privacy Guidelines Released By FTC

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has released a set of proposals and guidelines for companies, organisations and policymakers concerning online privacy. The FTC advocates that the US Congress considers measures such as Do Not Track, general privacy, data security and breach notification legislation.

"If companies adopt our final recommendations for best practices - and many of them already have - they will be able to innovate and deliver creative new services that consumers can enjoy without sacrificing their privacy," said FTC chairman Jon Leibowitz.

"We are confident that consumers will have an easy to use and effective Do Not Track option by the end of the year because companies are moving forward expeditiously to make it happen and because lawmakers will want to enact legislation if they don't."

The Do Not Track initiative proposes to give users the opportunity of opting out of tracking by websites that they do not visit. This includes analytics services, advertising networks and social platforms.

The FTC is advocating that privacy measures and security are built into a product - for privacy options to be simplified and call for a greater level of transparency regarding what personal information is shared.