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Samsung Galaxy S3 Not Launching In the UK On The 30th

A mysterious teaser poster that appeared on the window of a Phones4U store in Oxford Street, London points to the store reopening after a refurbishment rather than the launch of the new Galaxy S3 as many had speculated.

Pocket-Lint wrote that Samsung will have a floor all to itself inside in the first floor and Phones4U did that before with RIM. But then, one could argue that Samsung must be up to something if it decides to take the entire first floor of a high street retailer based in the busiest street in the UK.

Given the slew of new devices - smartphones and tablets - released by Samsung at the last Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, one would not be surprised if the Korean manufacturer goes all guns blazing.

These include the Samsung Galaxy Beam and the Galaxy Note 10.1 amongst others. Suggested release dates for the Galaxy S3 have included the 15th of March, the 22nd of May in London and April.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 still commands a hefty premium, almost as much as the superior Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Expansys sells the S2 for £420 and the Nexus for £430).

Source : Pocket-Lint

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