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Skype Optimised For New iPad's Retina Display

Following the new iPad with its impressive high resolution display hitting the market, the developers have revamped their apps in iTunes in order to accommodate the new device.

Now, it is Skype's turn to show off a 3.8 version of its app specially designed to get the most out of the new iPad's capabilities.

The free Skype app for iPad offers support for 18 languages and once all the waves of the international rollout will be completed, it will surely increase in popularity.

Skype promises to users its best looking application yet, perfect for video calling or for sending and receiving videos. Skype 3.8 for the new iPad promises to deliver stunning video and image quality so that you can benefit from its Retina Display.

What's more, for couples who are apart and need not only to chat over Skype but also to show their surroundings off to their far away fellow Skypers, the high resolution graphics and the enhanced camera of the new iPad are the perfect tools.

Both companies, Apple and Microsoft-owned Skype, joined to deliver a better user experience. And the customers are happy to jump into the opportunity.

Dource: Skype Blog

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