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Sony CEO Plans To Turn Around TV Business

Sony's CEO Kazuo Hirai has said he plans to reinvigorate the troubled TV arm of the Japanese electronics maker, by keeping control of the division himself despite a shake-up of other executives.

Hirai has yet to officially become head of Sony, though he will do next week when Howard Stringer steps down. Having made several comments about his plans to turn around the electronics arm of Sony, it's not too surprising that the TV portion of the business will be a major focus of the new CEO.

Hirai has been credited in the past with developing the PlayStation brand in America and overseas as well as maintaining profitability in the Sony entertainment divisions, something that cannot be said for the electronics branch. Despite its recent history though, there is still plenty of room for Sony to be a big name in hardware once again - but it faces stiff competition.

In recent years, with the growth of companies like Apple and Samsung, the smartphone and TV marketplaces have become saturated with advanced technology that Sony has struggled to keep pace with.

Like Apple and Amazon have been doing with their tablet pricing, much of the money in technology based fields is now being made from content being sold after the initial hardware purchase - something Sony has yet to take advantage of.

Source: Canoe

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