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The Verizon New iPad Lasts 25 Hours With LTE On And Display Off

In addition to its impressive resolution, the new iPad has managed to gather some good reviews relating to its other features.

The latest in a long series of features by the third generation iPad that has grabbed the tech writers' attention is the Personal Hotspot facility. In order to test this feature, The AnandTech teams managed to keep the new iPad running - whilst using it as a personal hotspot - for 25.3 hours straight.

However, the high resolution display that drains most of the device's power was turned off during the experiment.

There is also one other essential detail: the new iPad was a Verizon model, and AT&T currently doesn't support the personal hotspot feature.

Also, iMore's teams pointed out that the new iPad hides under the hood a great functionality that tends to go unnoticed. "It rivaled a home or office Wi-Fi connection. While it functions the same as the iPhone Personal Hotspot, I'd much rather use up my iPad data and battery while tethering, and leave my iPhone charged for phone calls and messaging" says Rene Ritchie.

Moreover, the iPad's larger battery and LTE radio allows the device to tether faster than an iPhone and for longer than any other smartphone.

Source: AnandTech

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