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Tim Cook Meets Chinese Officials, Planning An iPhone Invasion?

Since stepping in the CEO position, Tim Cook has done the one thing his predecessor was always reluctant to do - and that was make a visit to China.

The excursion is widely regarded as Tim Cook's attempt into gearing the company to new horizons.

Tim Cook's background in supply chain proved to be essential in tightening the relationship with Foxconn. The visit to China will prove a good opportunity for Tim Cook to meet with Chinese government officials as well as approach China Mobile representatives.

The largest carrier in China - with its 660 million subscribers - is a territory still to be conquered by Apple, despite the fact that there are millions of unlocked iPhones on the China Mobile network.

However, discussions between Tim Cook and his Chinese hosts may focus on the expansion of Apple brands in China.

Currently, Apple owns five retail stores in mainland China and one in Hong Kong with the number of stores expected to increase, as China is still an underserved market with a growing appetite for iOS devices.

Source: Guardian UK

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