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Twitter Introduces Promoted Tweets To Small Businesses

Twitter has finally announced the launch of its self-service ad platform for small businesses - giving SMEs to show customers what they've got through promoted tweets and accounts.

A similar concept to Google's AdWords, the microblogging site's new service works in conjunction with American Express. A chosen few cardmembers will be able to take advantage of this facility but through invite only, and for businesses interested in signing up to the scheme, each organisation will receive $100 in ad credits courtesy of American Express which will go towards bills based on the number of followers businesses get as well as how popular the promoted tweets become.

Whichever tweet is considered the best will automatically receive promotion from Twitter, and will also recommend promoted accounts within the "who to follow" category.

The only downside we can really see is just that bit more activity taking place within our Twitter feeds - both via mobile and web. Whilst it might increase the presence of many a business, it could result in some cluttered feeds for many users. However, by Twitter rolling out this service to only a number of American Express' customers at a time, this gradual change could work out in their favour - instead of changing the layout completely and leaving many users disgruntled, as practised by Twitter's branded version of TweetDeck last year.

Source: PCMag

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