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£179.99 Panasonic SC-BTT270EBK 3D 5.1 Blu-ray Home Cinema with iPod/iPhone Dock

Panasonic SC-BTT270EBK may be considered to be every entertainment lover's dream Home cinema system with features such as 3D capabilities, iPhone/iPod Doc, 5.1 channel speakers, Full HD visuals among others.

Panasonic, having accumulated a wealth of knowledge in 2D visuals, has come up with this Blu-ray home cinema system that displays lifelike 3D images with dramatic leaping effects and enhanced depth, lustre and texture are beautifully reproduced. Thanks to the Adaptive Chroma processing, the Blu-ray player effectively reproduces each pixel of the Blu-ray disc and displays amazing visuals with great colour reproduction.

The player is also capable of 2D-3D conversion thus making it possible to convert images from DVDs and Blu-ray discs into 3D with natural depth perception. This will enable you to watch your DVD movie collection in 3D. The player is 24p playback compatible as well.

The audio is stunning with the 5.1 channel speakers capable of a total audio output of 1000W (RMS). There are a total of 5 speakers - 2 x Front capable of 160W output; 1 x Centre with 160W output and 2 x Surround capable of 160W output. The subwoofer outputs 200W of audio and thanks to Dolby Digital Plus / Dolby TrueHD, all your favourite movies can be watched again with glass shattering sound quality.

The SD card & USB slots allows you to view photos, watch movies, play songs directly from an SD or a USB pen drive. DLNA compatibility ensures that can stream multimedia from other compatible devices easily.

The Panasonic SC-BTT270EBK 3D 5.1 Blu-ray Home Cinema with iPod/iPhone Dock is available from Amazon for £179.99.