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5.3 Inch iPhone Made Possible With Magnicase

While the rumour mill around the upcoming iPhone and its presumably larger display is spinning frantically, a group of Canadians have decided to develop their own revolutionary device.

They came up with the idea of the MagniCase, a display case for iPhones capable of magnifying the screen by up to 1.5 times its original size. However, for now this is only a project - but it could be hitting the market quite soon.

The MagniCase protective case for all iPhone models comes with a flip out magnifying Fresnel lens. "With the innovative design of the new MagniCase, you can instantly turn your iPhone into a 5" tablet," suggests the team behind the project.

For iPhone 4 and 4S users, the offer is particularly interesting, as they can enjoy the Retina Display at an enhanced level - making the sharp text and emphasised graphics even more appealing.

The special Fresnel lens delivers 250 grooves per inch density, which is a resolution almost equivalent to the new iPad Retina display of 264ppi.

For added convenience, the Fresnel lens folds back and the case remains portable and sturdy enough to protect the delicate device inside.

The MagniCase comes in six finishes, to accommodate a wide variety of tastes: black, white, grey, pink, blue and clear.

Source: TechPP

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