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AM News: Apple's Nano Sim Revealed, News Corp Denies ITV Digital Hacking, Chrome Extensions Hijack Facebook Profiles

Symantec is splitting up with Huawei, and it's not even attempting to wheel out the old "it's not you, it's me" justification. Instead, Symantec is dissolving its four year partnership with Huawei, formed to jointly produce security products, pointing the finger squarely at the Chinese firm and blaming, well, security issues - according to inside sources, anyway.

According to a hot new report published by Italian Windows Phone blog Plaffo, Nokia plans to add the Internet share update to Lumia 800 pretty soon. The optimistic report suggests that Lumia 800 users will officially receive the good news by the end of this month, but considering that we only have a few days until this deadline, we might extend the hope to the next couple of weeks.

The latest storm for Murdoch's News Corporation was prompted by a BBC Panorama investigation which claimed that NDS, a subsidiary company, employed a hacker to sabotage a pay-TV rival. ITV Digital, a rival to Sky which was first launched as ONDigital back in 1998, is alleged to have been hacked and under the orders of NDS, the stolen data was leaked.

It's come to the attention of the Internet that cybercriminals are pushing malicious Google Chrome extensions as part of an elaborate scheme to hijack Facebook accounts. Hosted in the official Chrome web store, hackers are hoping that by planting them in an official source, they will be passed off as legitimate and increase the possibility of more users taking advantage of the malware.

The latest buzz that's firing up tech inclined websites is related to the new nano-SIM standard that Apple intends to introduce to the industry. The new standard is codenamed "fourth form factor (4FF) UICC" and it has the benefit to offer more room for other vital components or for developing slimmer devices.

Ravi Mandalia

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