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American iPad Users Spend $70,000 Daily On Newsstand

Released just six months ago, the Newsstand category in Apple's App store is gaining a lot of attention from its users.

According to a recent Distimo report, US iPad users are willing to pay over $70,000 per day to get premium content delivered by magazines and newspapers apps in Newsstand.

Last month, the most successful apps in this category were: The Daily, NYTimes for iPad, The New York Magazine, National Geographic Magazine and Cosmopolitan Magazine.

The report points out that "the sum of revenue from the 200 top grossing applications in each country was 2 million USD".

Apart from Games, a widely popular category on every platform, the paid Productivity and Educational applications are growing in importance in the eyes of its users. In this context, Newsstand is on a rising trend and analysts are seeing this category pushing away other competitors.

However, it is still a long way to the top of the pecking order, but currently Newsstand brings over 7 per cent of the top 200 grossing apps - which is quite an impressive performance.

This category is expected to rise even further, after the new iPad delivers a much-improved experience for users wanting to read their daily news on the high-resolution display.

Source: BusinessInsider

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