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AVG Security Software Gets “Do Not Track” Feature

AVG has announced the addition of a Do Not Track feature to its security products.

Users of AVG's 2012 security products, both paid and free versions, will benefit from the technology which is added via a service pack. It's compatible with the major web browsers, namely Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

Do Not Track does exactly what it says on the tin, namely it protects online privacy and monitors tracking cookies, actively alerting users to when their surfing is being tracked. Users can then block any tracking directly, or choose to allow it for certain sites.

AVG Technologies CEO, JR Smith, commented: "We continue to listen to our approximately 108 million-strong community and we are constantly focused and driving our research and development to the creation of innovative technologies."

"Today we deliver another important milestone with an active Do Not Track feature available in the latest version of AVG 2012 and through our latest product update for existing customers. This feature is available for free because we believe all consumers have the right to take back control of their online privacy."

AVG also announced that another feature, Wi-Fi Guard, is added via the new service pack. This warns users if their device tries to connect to a public Wi-Fi hotspot it hasn't used before, in an effort to thwart cybercriminals who set up fake Wi-Fi access points using the name of the hotel or cyber café they happen to be visiting.