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BBC News Revamps Mobile Website

Those of you who like to get your BBC News on a mobile web browser, as opposed to a dedicated app, will feel the benefit of some changes that Auntie Beeb is planning on rolling out over the next few months.

Chris Russell, Head of Product for BBC News Online, discusses the fact that changes are necessary to ensure the site looks good across the whole range of mobile devices which are out there, from small smartphone displays to larger tablets.

He notes: "Our challenge now is that the internet comes in all shapes and sizes. Social media sites, email, mapping, banking and all those useful things allow us to seamlessly move from our mobiles to our computers and back again. Increasingly we use tablets and the TV for the web too. And we all just expect everything to work."

"One of the solutions to these challenges is responsive design."

Responsive design? Basically, that translates as having the website do the work, determining what device you're using, and delivering the web page in the best format that your device can support.

It is, he admits, easier said than done, which is why the technology is going to be rolled out slowly as the year progresses.

So what exactly is going to change? The new mobile website will work on tablets and desktop computers from the off, and it will boast some basic resizing functionality. Features will then be slowly added and optimised, to deliver what the Beeb promises is "a better experience with all the advantages of the ‘full fat' site but none of the awkwardness", for both smartphone and tablet users.

Ultimately, this should mean that visiting the news site via your browser should be as slick an experience as via the dedicated app.

Source: BBC