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Bing Updating Video Section with Previews, FilmStrips, Trending

Continuing the David vs. Goliath struggle against Google, Microsoft is now updating its Bing Video service by introducing a plethora of new features. Posted on the Bing Search blog yesterday, the page is currently inaccessible so these features are yet to be confirmed.

However if they are, searching videos on Bing will be easier, with larger and more informative previews on the results page, an infinite scrolling bar to include all relevant videos, related content, a bigger video viewing window, filmstrips and more. This update will be served globally.

Bing will be adding improvements to the regular search page as well, where search terms containing the keyword "video" will produce results with larger movie previews, an embedded time-length stamp and also, bigger icons.

Searching for videos will also contain a "Trending Video Searches" section, situated at the bottom, which allows users to see what the most hyped videos of the day are.

As users can test by themselves, some of the above improvements can already be experienced, like the infinite scroll bar and video previews that appear while placing the cursor on a result, while others are still in an implementation stage.

The source of this information could have been found here, but only a couple of hours after posting, the page was deleted. Furthermore, Bing erased even the cached copy of the post alongside RSS data, indicating a leak or possibly, a premature announcement.

Source: LiveSide