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BlueStacks’ Beta Released, Runs Android Apps On Windows

BlueStacks has today pushed out a free beta version of its BlueStacks App Player for the PC which allows Windows users to run Android apps.

Previously, the Alpha version only facilitated access to a handful of Android apps, but with the beta release the vast majority of apps, 450,000 in total, are now supported. In terms of support for Microsoft's operating system, the programme runs on Windows Vista and Windows 7, but also XP.

BlueStacks' software, Layercake, emulates Android apps which are written for Arm-powered devices, not x86 processors.

The App Player was named Best Software at CES 2012, and has certainly gathered plenty of fans, with nearly 300,000 Facebookers keen to see Android applications running on their Windows PC.

Check out the BlueStacks Facebook page, where you can sign up (via the Like button on the Beta Testers tab) to download the App Player. The company is asking for feedback from users to help hone the product, so if you fancy a bit of Temple Run or Fruit Ninja on your PC, then have a go at it, and let the developer know how it runs.

Be warned that some apps may be a little choppy - this is an initial beta version, after all. It's free, though, and should you want to test run Android apps, the program is an ideal little environment to do so on your PC.

Source: Venture Beat