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Canterbury is "UK's No.1 Gadget City"

People in Canterbury spend almost double the amount that the average person in the UK spends on gadgets and technology. This new study shows that whilst the average person spends £994 a year, the average in Canterbury is a whopping £1,916.

The poll was carried out by during The Gadget Show Live that took place between 11th-15th April at the NEC. It gathered 1,100 responses form UK inhabitants.

In second place was Bath with £1,586, followed by Stoke-on-Trent with a total of £1,480. The poll also reveals that the the region that spends the most on technology is the Midlands. This region alone had a total five cities in the top 20.

"The figures don't surprise me", admits Sally Bent, Marketing Manager for The Gadget Show LIve. "The standard of must-have technology is increasing all the time as is the amount of exciting products on offer." Mankind's love affair with technology seems to be set to grow, as does the amount of money we spend on gadgets.

Biggest Spending "Gadget Cities" in the UK: 1. Canterbury, £1,916 2. Bath, £1,586 3. Stoke-on-Trent, £1,480 4. Wolverhampton, 1,356 5. Exeter, £1,326 6. Newport, £1,291 7. Lincoln, £1,283 8. Chester, £1,269 9. Edinburgh, £1,253 and 10. Liverpool, £1,201.

Biggest Spending Gadget Regions: 1. Midlands 2. London 3. Wales 4. Scotland 5. South West.