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Cisco Refreshes Jabber IM App, Arriving On iPad

Cisco has announced enhancements to its Jabber IM and video-conferencing product.

The upgrade of Jabber for Windows is scheduled to arrive at some point in the second quarter, as is a new version for the iPad.

Jabber for iPad will allow communication via both voice and video, as well as IM and conferencing, utilising standards such as H264, XMPP and SIP. The Windows version features Microsoft Office integration.

Furthermore, Cisco is also planning a new high-end telepresence system called TX9000, which will allow for what the company calls "high intensity collaboration" brainstorming sessions.

The TX9000 allows for the sharing of content on main telepresence screens (as opposed to just the smaller one below them), and has point-and-highlight capabilities, with video quality of up to 1080p at a fluid 60 frames per second.

All this is part of Cisco's drive to widen its video communications strategy, with the eventual aim of broadening workplace collaboration to encompass video, and not merely messaging and document sharing.

Analyst Maribel Lopez, of Lopez Research, commented: "Video will change over time. Most people think of it as face-to-face. While this is interesting, it doesn't take into account that video will be next-generation content. Today content means documents like PowerPoint and Word files. Tomorrow more content will be video. So video is more than just my tiny face looking at another tiny face on a screen while we share a PowerPoint."

She added: "The goal for Cisco is to change what collaboration means. For example, no vendor is the established choice for doing secure cross-company collaboration with video and document sharing and repositories."

Source: Techworld