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Entertainment More Popular Than Online Gaming On The Xbox

When it comes to online usage, the Xbox is increasingly becoming a vehicle primarily used for entertainment in the living room; a device for watching films and video, rather than a gaming machine.

The big push that Microsoft has made to introduce video platforms to its console since the new dashboard was launched has apparently made quite an impact on the user base and usage of the hardware.

The Xbox over in the UK now has Sky, Lovefilm and Netflix streaming available, YouTube, all manner of video services and indeed the latest addition is the iPlayer, complete with motion and voice support via Kinect.

Over in the States, Comcast XFinity TV, HBO GO and MLB.TV have all just been launched, again with Kinect support. And these major app initiatives are pulling more and more Xbox owners to use their machine for entertainment purposes rather than gaming online, the latest statistics from Microsoft have revealed.

Microsoft reckons that Gold members are spending an average of 84 hours every month on Xbox Live, with entertainment app usage having more than doubled year-on-year. That represents a 30 per cent increase in the total hours spent on Xbox Live globally.

And for the first time, entertainment usage has surpassed multiplayer gaming, with Xbox'ers spending more time watching films and listening to music, than playing their favourite games online.

Note, though, that this is just online gaming - not single player, which represents the majority of gaming time. The Xbox is still a games console, and not a streaming media box, after all.

Source: The Verge