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Google Drive To Be Released in April

With only rumours tying connections to Google's upcoming cloud storage service, referred to by some as GDrive, another surfaced yesterday claiming to be that of a release for April this year.

Sources close to the matter assume that Google is going to launch GDrive sometime during the first week of April 2012, with deals to attract customers from the outset. One of these deals will be 1GB of free storage space for those who create an account, while every MB of traffic exceeding the limit will be charged.

Compared to other services this offer falls behind right from the very start, with the current market leader Dropbox offering double traffic for nothing. Also, the service will come with a local client and web-based interface, similar to the Google Docs interface.

GDrive will mainly focus on Google Apps customers, with the service containing a built-in API for third-party usage. This means that programmers can use Google's own part of the cloud to store content which should work nicely with the PlayStore, where thousands of developers resort to Amazon for similar services.

All of these claims are purely speculative and should be treated as such, alongside any other information related to the subject. Google has yet to mention anything about the service, which was first leaked to the media back in 2006. Since then, speculations appeared every year but Google has to date failed to clarify the reports.

Source: GigaOM