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Google To Introduce Third-Party Commenting Platform

Google has yet another exciting feature to offer its fans, in the form of the search giant's very own blog commenting system. Rumours about the third-party comment platform first came to light on Saudi Arabian website Tech-WD, where it is expected for the blog facility to tie into the rest of the Google+ platform, including web search and web services.

Set to rival Facebook, it is hoped to increase the popularity of Google+ by launching a system that will hopefully create a more dominant role regarding online connections.

The system is said to have deep links to Google's network of services and websites whilst comments would be indexed by Google Social - the same setup used to crawl Facebook and Twitter for Google's search function.

Despite Facebook's comment system proving to be a hit with many users, there are some qualms over the service - but perhaps Google can launch a more streamlined and sleek layout to compete with the social networking site. After all, a little competition isn't such a bad thing, and could force the sites to improve upon their existing format to give its users something worth commenting on.

Source: The Verge