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HMV Takes On Ex Tesco Game Buyer

HMV has taken on ex Tesco peripheral buyer Mike Fethers and put him in charge of game and digital acquisitions. This charges him with which games and what hardware will be stocked by the retailer.

"I'm thrilled to be joining HMV at this exciting time," he said in a statement. "A company that has great heritage but is now also responding to the fresh opportunities that are being increasingly presented by the new and different ways that gamers are discovering and enjoying games content."

HMV of course needed someone out in front to comment, selecting the head of technology and games, Ewan Pinder.

"I'm delighted to welcome Mike to HMV, not just for the great experience and fresh approach he will bring but also by way of giving much greater focus to our games peripherals and digital business, which is an increasingly important category for us."

HMV has suffered in recent years, much the same - though not to the same extremes - as GAME is now, due to an increase in digital downloads of music and games. However, the chain has taken some steps to move into more hardware focused sales, revamping some of its stores to reflect this.

It seems likely that Mr Fethers will continue this trend, though in what ways, we will have to wait and see.

Source: MCVUK

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