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Late News: Google Drive Coming in April?, Muamba Twitter Troll to Serve 56 Days Jail Time, Sony PlayStation 4 'Orbis'

With only rumours tying connections to Google's upcoming cloud storage service, referred to by some as GDrive, another surfaced yesterday claiming to be that of a release for April this year. Sources close to the matter assume that Google is going to launch GDrive sometime during the first week of April 2012, with deals to attract customers from the outset. One of these deals will be 1GB of free storage space for those who create an account, while every MB of traffic exceeding the limit will be charged.

Student Liam Stacey has been sentenced to 56 days in jail after posting a series of offensive comments following footballer Fabrice Muamba's on-pitch collapse. The biology student was arrested after his racially aggressive updates on Twitter came to the attention of other users on the microblogging service, leading to his tweets being reported to the police.

A rumour has appeared suggesting that Sony's next generation PlayStation console could be codenamed Orbis - and may also be given this title when it is finally released. Other news in this latest leak includes the fact that certain developers received dev. kits of the console earlier this year, which would make it perfectly viable that a 7000 series AMD Southern Islands graphics chip was being used, since those have been commercially available since December 2011.

Cisco has announced enhancements to its Jabber IM and video-conferencing product. The upgrade of Jabber for Windows is scheduled to arrive at some point in the second quarter, as is a new version for the iPad.

Sony has launched a new version of its video and photo editing application for the PS3, with the revamped title of Sony PlayMemories Studio. Costing just under £12, the "studio" is another addition by one of the big three console manufacturers, in an effort to make the hardware something more than just a gaming machine.