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LulzSec Returns With Military Dating Site Hack

It seems that LulzSec, the hacktivist collective, has been reborn, having struck at a military dating site.

While the LulzSec boat isn't officially sailing anymore, a group called LulzSec Reborn - claiming to be the new incarnation of the hacktivists - has engineered a major data breach on the website.

The US-based site is apparently "the oldest and largest online military dating community", which aims to match up members of the armed forces with those interested in meeting them. Unfortunately, those members names have been spilled in the data breach, some 170,000 of them.

Account information has allegedly been exposed including usernames and real names, along with email addresses and in some cases home addresses.

The incident hasn't been confirmed yet, however, and certainly hasn't mentioned anything about it. However, as a precaution, if you have used this website, then it would probably be a good idea to change your password (and any instances of that password you've used elsewhere, of course).

Whether or not LulzSec Reborn actually consists of former crew of the LulzSec boat - well, those who haven't been arrested - is obviously impossible to tell. But the incident has certainly helped the LulzSec legend to live on, and we're betting it's not the last we hear of the collective, in one form or another, in 2012.

Source: Sophos