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Microsoft's Plan to fill Gaps in the Windows Phone Marketplace

Microsoft's "secret" plan to attract more users to the Windows Phone marketplace has now been leaked. The package contains slides that describe future actions to lure famous application developers that are currently missing from the line-up and also some improvements that could increase sales numbers of smartphones running the OS.

Compared to more evolved competitors like Google's Play and Apple's App Store, Microsoft's Marketplace is lacking several important applications (Skype, Pandora, Bump) and developers as well.

The first step in Microsoft's strategy is to fill all the gaps found in the top 25 chart until the end of the first half of 2012 while investing over $10 million in the following three years, to attract developers that refuse to currently develop apps on the OS.

The second goal focuses on the conversion of applications, where Microsoft wants to assure the highest standards of safety and security across all programs, while delivering quality services to social networks. Integration with social media will be heavily targeted in the following period.

Another key-point of the presentation is an increased focus on Windows-exclusive applications as well as on those that are top-rated. They will be promoted across the marketplace and from that point on the software maker will keep some titles as Windows Phone exclusives.

Price is also a concern, Microsoft wanting to lower the costs of future applications while pushing Nokia smartphones with "App Cards" and aiming for low-end handsets.

Source: Zdnet