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New BlackBerry Patent To Improve Call Quality

Die-hard BlackBerry fans have a new reason to tell the rest of the world that their favoured tech company still has a chance at regaining its lost glory.

Research In Motion has come up with an innovation that allows smartphone users to enjoy better audio calls.

RIM's new patent relies on a set of touch sensors surrounding the earpiece that are capable of estimating the level of ambient noise.

The sensors detect whether the ear is sealed tight to the phone or placed further away. When the sensors detect ambient noise, the phone raises the volume level in such a manner that the user doesn't sense a change in volume.

To make the innovation even more intriguing, the sensors will learn the user's habits. "Upon receipt of user input indicative of a high degree of ear seal, a sample of the sensor(s) may be taken and stored for using during future estimation of the degree of seal," says the RIM patent submitted to authorities.

The inventor behind this patent is Craig Eric Ranta from Kitchener. The patent was filed five years ago, in November 2007, but it was granted only today.

Source: CrackBerry

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