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The New iPad To Get A Cooler Chip?

According to recent information that surfaced the net, Apple was forced to use an old 4G chip to meet the deadlines for the new iPad release, scheduled in March.

This situation, coupled with the device's main features, high resolution display and 4G connectivity, generated the heat issue that made many users discontent or at least intrigued.

Mark McKechnie, analyst from ThinkEquity, detailed in a note to the clients that Apple chose the older 4G chipset and transceiver from Qualcomm and the maker hasn't managed to develop the next generation chip in time for Apple's timeline.

"Qualcomm's 8960-family MDM9215 solution at 28nm was not yet ready for commercial launch" pointed out Mark McKechnie but he also added the good news: "We'd expect a ‘spin' of the new iPad perhaps later this year which updates the 3G/4G chip to a newer and cooler-running version."

Despite the much talked about heat issue, the new iPad broke sales records from the very first days.

According to Apple's official numbers, in the launch weekend the company sold 3 million of its third generation iPad. This was the first time Apple announced sales figures for iPad sales. Consequently, Mark McKechnie raised the price target for Apple's shares from $600 to $700.

source: MarketWatch

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