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Opera Mini 7 For Android Released

Norwegian development company, Opera Software, has announced the release of a new version of Opera Mini browser for Google's platform.

With the intriguing tagline that describes Opera Mini 7 as "a thrill to press your cheek to", the new browser heads to the Android platform and brings with it some treats for its users.

Opera Mini 7 for Android promises to make browsing faster as well as the promise of offering hardware acceleration. In addition, the new Opera Mini allows Android fans the possibility to use more than the nine Speed Dial buttons.

In fact, the user can add as many buttons as he or she considers necessary for frequent use. Opera also delivers good news for travellers wishing to surf the web while abroad but put off by the potentially expensive experience.

Opera Mini 7 is capable of compressing web pages to cut browsing costs.

"Up to 90% of the original data gets cut out, so not only do you use less data, but you also get where you want to go on the web even faster.You'll also save time on slow networks. It's the must-have web-travel companion," says the press release that announces the launch.

Source: CNET

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