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Oxford University Opens Cyber Security Centre

Oxford University has announced the launch of a new Cyber Security Centre.

The initiative is a response to the growing threat of cyber-terrorism and online crime, aiming to work on strengthening security measures, and helping to protect sensitive business and government data from the prying tentacles of hackers.

A university spokesperson said: "The Oxford Cyber Security Centre is the new home to cutting-edge research designed to tackle the growing threats posed by cyber terrorism and cybercrime, and to safeguard the trustworthiness of electronically-stored information."

The centre has been granted some £5 million in funding, which will allow it to be staffed with 12 permanent employees, plus 25 research staff and 18 doctoral students, all drawn from different departments across the university.

As data becomes a more and more vital currency in the modern world, the university argues that protective measures need to be examined across the board, from the family PC to military and government computers.

The university stated: "The Cyber Security Centre is dedicated to the essential task of being able to anticipate, deter, detect, resist and tolerate attacks, understand and predict cyber risks, and respond and recover effectively at all levels, whether individual, enterprise, national or across international markets."

Cyber-terrorism is being increasingly regarded as a threat across the globe, with the Director of the FBI recently warning that cyber-terrorists are likely to become more dangerous than "real world" terrorists in the not-too-distant future.