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Pay with Square Comes With New Features to Android OS

The former Card Case payer application, built by a company co-founded by Twitter inventor Jack Dorsey, is now renamed as Pay with Square. Already available for iOS running devices, the software has been deemed compatible with Android OS and to celebrate the move, developers added a nice batch of features.

The mobile paying service, now with over 75,000 customers, introduces a simpler user interface, a new search bar, an improved way to use maps and most of all, the ability for customers to share feedback about merchants on email, SMS or social networks like Twitter.

To succeed in the continuing struggle against PayPal over mobile payment for consumers and merchant commissions, Square also introduced an iPad exclusive application that acts as a cash register. Simply called Register, this app makes use of a plastic dongle attached to the iPad, which cashiers have to swipe over cards to issue payments.

The ongoing fight between the two paying services has seen some vicious hits, with PayPal launching a triangle shaped dongle last week that can process payments in just three steps. It works under the same rules as with Square, users having to scan credit cards/cheques to pay, while each swipe costs 2.7 per cent on PayPal and 2.75 per cent on Square.

A quick look on Google Play shows that Pay with Square occupies around 3.3MB, is free of charge and requires Android 2.2 (Froyo) or above. Users can download it here.

Source: USAToday