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RightScale Spots Trend Towards Multiple Clouds

RightScale, a cloud computing management outfit, has pointed towards the growing trend of companies who are leveraging multiple cloud solutions.

A vast majority of the company's customers utilise a multi-cloud solution - 87 per cent of them, in fact. There are three types of cloud solution, public (such as Amazon Web Services), private (on-premise, secure and firewalled) and hybrid, a combination of the former two.

Businesses are now leveraging multiple solutions to improve levels of cost reductions and better tailor application performance.

RightScale notes that customers are increasingly deploying on multiple public cloud platforms, as well as having internal private clouds to complement those; to take advantage of added security where it's needed.

Sanket Naik, senior director, cloud operations and integrations at Coupa, commented: "You have to leave the legacy data centre mindset behind when you design for the cloud. We design for failure as a core principle at Coupa since customers expect 100 per cent uptime irrespective of whether our product is hosted on the cloud or in a data centre."

"RightScale multi-cloud support enables us to transparently host Coupa on public clouds such as Amazon and Rackspace or a CloudStack-based private cloud while delivering high availability and data privacy compliance."

Michael Crandell, CEO of RightScale, added: "The rise of our customers' multi-cloud usage correlates with the sophistication of the deployments they are running in the cloud. It's amazing to see the performance, resilience and agility our customers are achieving today using the RightScale platform."