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Third-Party Docking Cables Won’t Work With The New iPad

Apparently, customers who bought Apple's new iPad should pay attention to the accessories they plan to use on the new device.

According to recent reports, not all the third party docking cables deliver the expected performance results.

As Jason O'Grady from ZDNet found out first hand, some cables aren't able to rise up to the third generation iPad's high power demands.

"My iPad 3 (...) had stopped charging at around 85% and was displaying "not charging" by the battery icon," detailed Jason O'Grady over his new iPad experience.

Even after repeating the tedious scenario of unplugging and plugging, he didn't manage to fully charge his new iPad. Whilst he was using a genuine Apple OEM power brick, he was not using an Apple OEM cable (due to its longer length).

Despite its convenience (the cable from BizLink Technology is 70 inches, compared to Apple's alternative that measures only 39 inches) the third party cable was the culprit and after replacing it with a genuine one, the issue disappeared.

As it seems, the longer cable was not able to supply the fair amount of current required by the new iPad.

In conclusion, it appears that the third generation iPad draws more power from the AC adapter than its predecessor and this is why some third party accessories are not compatible.

Source: ZDNet

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