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Sony Launches PlayMemories Studio App On PS3

Sony has launched a new version of its video and photo editing application for the PS3, with the revamped title of Sony PlayMemories Studio. Costing just under £12, the "studio" is another addition by one of the big three console manufacturers, in an effort to make the hardware something more than just a gaming machine.

One of the most interesting features is that users can also adjust and tweak 3D video - if you happen to have a camera that can record it. In a similar fashion to professional editing software, the application has a full timeline view allowing the cutting and splicing of different clips together.

Sony is also touting the geolocation support, which while the feature is activated allows pictures taken - on a smartphone or compatible camera - to be displayed on a map, giving you a rundown of where you've been based on your camera's activity.

Of course there is social interaction as well, allowing all videos and images once edited to be uploaded to Facebook - though Sony is also planning the addition of a cloud based storage option known as PlayMemories Online. This will allow for all images and videos to be accessed from compatible TVs, smartphones and computers. The same sort of thing you can do with Facebook already?

Anyone interested in trying out this new app can get a 30 day trial now, though beyond that you'll need to pay the full price.

Source: Eurogamer

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