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Sony Playstation 4 Will Be Named Orbis

A rumour has appeared suggesting that Sony's next generation PlayStation console could be codenamed Orbis - and may also be given this title when it is finally released.

Other news in this latest leak includes the fact that certain developers received dev. kits of the console earlier this year, which would make it perfectly viable that a 7000 series AMD Southern Islands graphics chip was being used, since those have been commercially available since December 2011. However, if indeed an AMD CPU is being used alongside this, it would mark a move away from rival graphics hardware firm Nvidia, the company responsible for providing the GPU for the PlayStation 3.

Release date speculation has the PlayStation 4/Orbis as showing up at the end of 2013, the same time the rumoured Xbox Loop/Lite is thought to be planned for. Though there are still some suggesting that Microsoft's true next-gen console, codenamed Durango, could also be released in this time frame.

It's also been suggested that Sony's next gen machine will - again, like the Xbox 720 rumours - not support used games. Apparently it will accomplish this by locking retail titles to a specific PlayStation console. Good luck taking your new game to a friend's house to play, as that won't be allowed.

For now take all this information with a pinch of salt as none of it is confirmed. Sony as always is stating that it doesn't comment on rumours and that's likely to be all it says until E3 this year when it might be possible to get some more information from developers.

If we're lucky.

Source: Kotaku

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