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THQ Settles Dispute With Adidas

THQ and Adidas have settled the dispute over the full game version of the miCoach app which the publisher was supposed to have finished late last year, but failed to develop to completion.

By the time the sports clothing maker announced its intention to sue THQ, most of the developers that had been working on the 'game' had been let go, along with many other employees at the publisher due to downsizing in a troubling economic climate.

In a curious turn of events, since then the game has reappeared on the THQ website, though it has now been taken down once again. Apparently it was an error, as the official announcement that the game would not be published by THQ has now been made.

In a statement to Gamesta, Frank Thomas from Adidas stated: "Adidas and THQ Inc. have amicably resolved the dispute, which will allow Adidas to get the miCoach game to market without delay and without compromising any of its unique features. Through the settlement, each party was recognized for and compensated for their important contributions to the game."

It sounds from the above statement that THQ handed over everything it had already produced for the game, suggesting another studio could finish it up and get it published. No hints were given as to a timeframe for this however.

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