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UK Leads Europe In Mobile Search

The latest piece of research from ad management outfit Marin Software has indicated that Britons are the most avid mobile searchers in Europe.

Marin's overview of the mobile search market in December showed that 15.1 per cent of global paid search clicks came from the UK. As a nation, that meant we led Europe in mobile search clicks, coming in third behind Japan and Australia worldwide.

The Eurozone on the whole witnessed some strong growth in paid mobile search clicks last year, expanding by 177 per cent over 2011.

Marin reckons that search ads are more popular on mobile devices than desktops when it comes to attracting those elusive clicks.

Marin noted that the report shows that "advertisers have started to acknowledge the vast growth in smartphone and tablet adoption, after the share of search budget for mobile grew by 191 per cent (from 3.2 per cent to 9.3 per cent) throughout 2011. However, the percentage share of mobile clicks is still higher than spend at 15.1 per cent, so there is room for budgets to increase further."

Marin's projections show that by the end of the year in the US, 25 per cent of paid search clicks will come from mobile devices, with click-through rates showing that smartphones are even more popular than tablets for paid clicks.

Marin theorises that this could be because far less adverts can be displayed on a smaller mobile screen, so people are more likely to notice an ad, not being distracted and put off by an array of different advert options.

Source: Forbes