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AM News: New iPad Getting Cooler Chip?, Three New Versions of Kindle Fire in 2012?, Opera Mini 7 for Android

According to recent information that surfaced the net, Apple was forced to use an old 4G chip to meet the deadlines for the new iPad release, scheduled in March. This situation, coupled with the device's main features, high resolution display and 4G connectivity, generated the heat issue that made many users discontent or at least intrigued.

According to media reports focusing on Taiwanese industry, Amazon might keep the suppliers from this region quite busy this year with three new models of the popular Kindle Fire. CENS reports that Amazon will "bring ample business opportunities to Taiwanese supporting factories, including Quanta and Hon Hai for assembly orders, Prime View and Chimei Innolux for FPD (flat panel display) supply, and Chimei Innolux for exclusive supply of 7" touch sensors."

When Asus first launched its Transformer range of tablets, so named because they can "transform" into a laptop with the addition of a keyboard dock, one company wasn't happy. And that company was Hasbro. Yes, the manufacturer of the Transformers toys. As for the Transformers themselves, we doubt they were that bothered.

Norwegian development company, Opera Software, has announced the release of a new version of Opera Mini browser for Google's platform. With the intriguing tagline that describes Opera Mini 7 as "a thrill to press your cheek to", the new browser heads to the Android platform and brings with it some treats for its users.

Die-hard BlackBerry fans have a new reason to tell the rest of the world that their favoured tech company still has a chance at regaining its lost glory. Research In Motion has come up with an innovation that allows smartphone users to enjoy better audio calls.