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Apple Faces Complaints In Europe Over New iPad Advertising

The new iPad released to the market with the promise of super fast connectivity is now in trouble in more national markets around the world.

Just recently, Australian organisations focused on consumers' rights accused Apple of deceptive advertisements for marketing a 4G iPad despite the fact the device is incompatible with the Australian 4G network.

Consequently, Apple agreed to refund displeased customers and to post warnings. Now, it's time for European authorities to take action on the same matter.

In the United Kingdom, the Advertising Standards Authority gathers the customers' complaints about the 4G new iPad before taking the matter to court.

"Without going through due process we can't say whether the (UK) ad is likely to be problematic.

If anyone has concerns about the iPad ad then they can lodge a complaint with us and we will establish whether or not there is a problem under the Code," says an ASA spokeswoman.

The Australian market claims this issue has also generated reactions in Sweden. Apparently, he Swedish Consumer Agency is planning to investigate the truth behind the new iPad's 4G connectivity, which only works in the U.S. and Canada. "The question is whether this information is clear enough in Apple's marketing," said Marek Andersson, a lawyer at the Swedish authority.

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