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Cheapest PS Vita In The UK Costs A Mere £180

It has only been introduced last month but that hasn't prevented one retailer, Zavvi, from cutting the price of the Sony PS Vita from £229.99 to only £179.99, a 22 per cent saving off the suggested retail price.

The console is powered by a quad core ARM Cortex-A9 processor with four SGX543MP4+ GPU cores. There's a 5-inch 960 by 544 pixels OLED touchscreen with a rear, multi touch pad at the back which can be used simultaneously with the front one.

Other features include 512MB RAM, WiFi, Bluetooth, the standard control keys for the Playstation, speakers, WiFi, GPS, a six-axis motion sensing system, microphone, front and rear cameras, a card reader (which takes proprietary PS Vita cards),

As expected, the console is fully compatible with Sony's Playstation Network and can play older PSP and PS One games. The WiFi version can be considered to be a better buy compared to the more expensive 3G since it allows you to use fixed and mobile hotspots when you're out and about.

It's worth noting that the PS Vita shares many features with contemporary high end smartphones like a large screen and a quad core processor as well as a powerful GPU subsystem.

Source : Ebay

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