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Cisco And CTM To Form Cloud Computing Partnership

Telecom operator CTM and famous networking firm Cisco have partnered with the purpose of launching new cloud technologies, which will take advantage of the different aspects of cloud computing, a domain currently on the rise. These upcoming technologies include Cisco CloudVerse, Cloud Infrastructure Service and "Business Talk" Unified Communication Service.

The two companies describe Cisco CloudVerse as a service meant to help organisations to build, manage and connect clouds of all kinds: public, private or hybrid. This programme brings together several technologies like the Cloud Intelligent Network, Unified Data Center plus Cloud Applications and Services.

Some benefits introduced by the Unified Data Center include the ability to dynamically allocate resources between separate data centres using advanced computing and fabric, while rendering the process compatible with both physical and virtual environments.

Cisco is also taking advantage of its networking experience to launch the Cloud Intelligent Network, a transmission medium where users won't have to worry about security regardless of their location. This network will work with multiple clouds as well as hand in hand with the Cloud Applications and Services product, which takes care of delivering Cisco-exclusives as well as third-party cloud applications.

Another noteworthy component is the Cloud Infrastructure Service, which uses the Cisco UCS and Nexus switches to enable a pool of routing resources that handles distribution around the cloud, without needing multiple hardware upgrades and other maintenance-related expenses.

Voice traffic will be handled through the cloud using Business Talk, a technology that blends Cisco's IP Phones and the Unified Communication Manager to deliver high quality communications.

Source: CBROnline