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Cisco Switches Smoked By Arista's 7124FX, Built With FPGA technology

Field programmable gate array technology has been around for quite some time, but not many companies have taken advantage of its full flexibility, like Arista did with its next generation switch. Labelled the 7124FX, this mean machine will be released in the following months at an affordable price.

Arista's F124FX switch can deliver microsecond application processing using its cutting-edge FPGA implementation, 24 ports capable of switching traffic at 1GB/10GB per second each, hot-swappable and redundant power supplies that allow unplugging even when the device is running, all-packed inside a 1RU box with numerous possibilities.

F124FX targets applications that can make use of high-capacity and low-latency logic at FPGA's network level, by employing over 6.2 million highly programmable field gates. This makes it ideal for high-frequency trading and media transcoding.

Arista has distanced itself from the market by developing equipment that serves mainly applications and does not target data centre networking or other cloud-based servers. Its main competitor is the Cisco Nexus 3000 line, a low-latency cut-through switch developed a while ago, but F124FX manages to "leapfrog" past it, as Andreas Kindness, a senior analyst with Forrester Research claims.

Starting at £31,427 ($49,995), the switch will release sometime during Q2 2012 and should be seen around financial services and government agencies needing a powerful device to handle data processing close to the network layer. Other industries that can use this equipment include video distributors (for transcoding), data carriers (for flow process across the networks) and even cloud companies.

Source: NetworkComputing