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Creepy: Tweeting from Beyond the Grave

As if it wasn't difficult enough figuring out what to do with a dead person's profile on social networks like Twitter or Facebook, seeing their last message sent to friends or the public, now we may have to contend with receiving direct messages from the deceased.

Dead provides a free service that is designed to allow the passed on to continue being social. By pre-loading tweets and Facebook posts and messages into the site - that's twinned with your account(s) - users are able to guarantee even in death they won't stay silent.

The introductory video to the service highlights how once people have shuffled off the mortal coil, they will be able to send birthday messages to grandchildren - depending on their age, potentially making it much harder to explain the concept of death - jokes to spouses about how good the opposite sex looks from beyond the grave and more.

The service operates on a dead man's switch, so that if you haven't logged in for a pre-determined amount of time you'll receive a short message to check you're still alive. If that isn't responded to within a couple of weeks, out go the after-death messages.

It's difficult to decide whether a piece of technology like this is weird, useful, heartfelt or just plain creepy. Perhaps received messages from dead relatives and loved ones would be nice. It all depends on the content I suppose.


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