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Dell Finishes All U.S. Smartphone Sales

Dell has put an end to its smartphone sales in the U.S. due to a shift in mobile strategy to focus on products with higher margins and upcoming markets.

The final two smartphones that Dell was offering to the US market, the Venue Pro and Venue have been cut, with no replacements announced. Dell is introducing other mobile products in the U.S. later this year, but there has been no word as to whether new smartphones would be a part of that release.

Dell's first U.S. smartphones, the Aero and the Streak 5 smartphone/tablet, were introduced August 2010, but the latter was discontinued around a year later.

The company still continues to sell its smartphones elsewhere in world however. The Venue Pro is offered in India, the Venue in South Korea, one of the Streak range in Japan, as well as other Streak smartphones and tablets in China.

Dell has also discontinued its line of netbooks. The company is hoping to push its premium line of XPS PCs. The focus for Dell now, is to build its porfolio in order to attract higher profile enterprise and service businesses.