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HTC Is Looking To Challenge The iPod Touch With a Media Player

The Android army of fans is buzzing with anticipation since the rumour related to HTC's new patent surfaced the web.

According to, HTC has come up with a design for a device that could be a personal digital assistant or a multimedia player and is described as a "handheld electronic device."

While the first glimpse of the design could suggest that this could be another Android phone, the missing information about GSM, 3G, or LTE connectivity dismisses this presumption. The gadget, as illustrated in the patent, features stereo speakers "to enhance multimedia like YouTube videos, music videos, movies and TV shows."

The speakers spread across the back as well as on the face of the device, which could indicate a stereo sound.

The new HTC gadget also features a camera on the back. Meanwhile, the guys at CNET noticed Micro-USB and/or Micro-HDMI ports and they also anticipate a 3.5 mm headphone jack to allow users to plug in speakers or docks.

The patent was first filed at the beginning of last year, with the US Patent and Trademark Office publishing it just last month.

Source: PatentBolt

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