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Megaupload Drops Mega Song Lawsuit

The legal team for file sharing site Megaupload has announced that it will be refocusing all its attention on the "recent US copyright related actions," dropping the suit against Universal with regards to the take down of the "Mega Song" posted to Youtube.

This case - which could be reopened later at Megaupload's discretion - referred to the the site's promotional song, featuring Will.I.Am, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, P Diddy and many more extremely well known artists, all of whom endorsed Megaupload's services. Throughout the track the aritsts and celebrities praise the speed of the site and state that all of them use it for distributing files.

When the song was originally posted on Youtube, it quickly gathered hundreds of thousands of views. However, that didn't last long as Universal Music Group forcibly removed the track. This allowed an agreement to come to light that meant the studio was able to remove content from Youtube, even if it had nothing to do with Universal or any of its copyright protected content.

That clearly being the case, it wasn't long before Youtube reinstated the video. It was planned for Megaupload to take the corporation to court over the take-down, but since then the file locker's own legal troubles have somewhat overshadowed the case, which promised to be a landmark in online practices. Depending on which way it went, it could have legitimized the actions of Universal, allowing other companies to do the same, or it could have set a legal precedent that such actions were not allowed.

Source: TorrentFreak

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