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Rovio Expanding with new Stockholm Office

Mobile developer of the insanely popular Angry Birds series of games has announced its intention to expand, with a new studio of 20-30 developers being based in Stockholm, Sweden. The recruitment process has apparently already begun, with designers, artists and programmers along with a general manager all being sought out.

"2012 is going to be a big year in gaming for us, and we're constantly on the lookout for great new talent," said Petri Järvilehto, EVP of Games at Rovio. "We're excited to expand to Stockholm and work in one of Europe's gaming and innovation hotspots."

The reason Rovio chose Stockholm is due to its proximity to the Finland based headquarters of the firm and for its status as one of the best locations in Europe for new startups.

"Rovio's rapidly growing business provides continuous development opportunities for devoted professionals," said Maria Sipiläinen from Rovio HR. "Our fun, creative atmosphere and unique brands, products and services make Rovio an internationally attractive employer."

The company's most recent release was Angry Birds Space which brought about planet slinging puzzles and a whole host of extra levels for fans of the series to sink their beaks into. Rovio has also been licensing the use of the IP for other developments, including a children's play area.

Source: GamaSutra

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