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Set-Top Box Business Key To Cisco Says CEO

Cisco Systems recently made a $5 billion bid to buy NDS Group, the video software maker. A few analysts rumoured that Cisco might sell its low profit set-top box unit due to the deal. However President and CEO of Cisco Systems, John Chambers has stated in an interview that there are no such plans.

The networking giant is looking to make it easy for businesses and consumers to receive the video service they need, anytime, anywhere. Chambers has been quick to comment that the set-top business, that Cisco received in 2006 as part of the buying out of Scientific Atlanta for $6.9 billion, will be integral to the service.

“This isn’t [about] set-top boxes,” explained Chambers. “It’s how you bring video into the home, into wherever. This is right now our sweet spot for where we want to go.”

Cisco and many other companies in the industry are expecting the sheer weight of internet traffic to explode in the next few years, with video as being a forerunner in this boom. Cisco has projected by 2015, there to be 3 billion internet users, 15 billion network-connected devices, and 966 exabytes running over Internet networks.