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Steve Jobs Didn’t Like The Siri Name

Before we all came to know and love Siri, Apple's digital assistant featured by the latest iPhone, Steve Jobs was not convinced that this was the right name for a successful feature.

Apple's co-founder was excited enough about the voice recognition technology developed by the Norwegian start-up to buy the company for $200 million but he was looking for another name, more appealing than Siri.

Dag Kittlaus, one of the co-founders of Siri, revealed at the recent Technori Pitch a few details yet undisclosed about Siri's history.

Kittlaus explained that Siri in Norwegian means "beautiful woman who leads you to victory".

Besides the catchy meaning, Siri has a memorable euphony, as it is easy to spell and easy to say. However, Steve Jobs wasn't too fond of the name at the beginning but couldn't find a better replacement.

From Dag Kittlaus's keynote, the public also had the chance to find out about the first time Apple showed interest in Siri. In early 2010, the Siri app was released for the iPhone and three weeks later Steve Jobs personally called Dag Kittlaus and invited him to discuss Siri's future.

Source: NetworkWorld

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