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Texas Instruments To Make iPhone 5’s Chip?

The buzz related to Apple's sixth generation iPhone intensifies, as the device is expected to hit the market in September.

More reports suggest that the suppliers are gearing up to start an early production for the device.

The latest news on this matter hints to Texas Instruments, as a manufacturer for the power management chip for iPhone 5. RepairLabs reports that Texas Instrument has already started the production for the named chips and the company is referring to the next iPhone as "iPhone 5."

However, we all know how unpredictable Apple can be when it comes to its devices and this could very well be just an internal code.

Tech writers also suggest that Apple may ramp up the production to make sure the inventories will be able to comply with the demand, which is known to be high after every new iOS device hits the market.

RepairLabs also reports, quoting a reliable Chinese source who made accurate predictions in the past, that the sixth generation iPhone will be introduced to the market in September.

Another rumour, yet unconfirmed, suggests that the iPhone 5 will have a larger screen.

Source: RepairLabs

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