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Tim Cook Meets Workers From Foxconn Facilities

In his first visit to China, Tim Cook used the opportunity to see the working environment at Foxconn. Apple's CEO visited a newly built iPhone production plant, Foxconn ZhengzhouTechnology Park, situated in the north central province of Hebei.

The plant contains over 120,000 employees, according to a Reuters report. Tim Cook's background is related to Apple's supply chain and consequently, analysts expect that the new chairman from Cupertino is meeting with officials from Foxconn Technology Group as part of his excursion.

The visit is particularly important, considering the recent scandals related to the inhumane working conditions within the Foxconn facilities.

Following the media reports that pointed out Foxconn employees were working multiple shifts and even dying because of the exhaustion, Apple urged Fair Labour Association to investigate the matter.

Apart from checking out the Foxconn facilities, Tim Cook met with Chinese officials higher up the ranking, including Vice Premier Li Keqiang. "To be more open to the outside is a condition for China to transform its economic development, expand domestic demands and conduct technological innovation," said Li Keqiang, according to the official Xinhua news agency.

Tim Cook's visit to the largest market in the world could also be related to the iPad trademark dispute but, so far, reporters have been unable to find any details on the matter.

Source: Reuters

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